Advanced Retinal Imaging

Field Trend Results Analysis Program

Field Trend is a visual field database, analysis, and presentation program with a clean graphical design and advanced features that will fit well into your workflow. Each screen has been designed to provide the most information with the greatest ease of use, from patient selection to analysis and viewing.
· Compatible with Microsoft Windows XP and above 
· Prints to any Windows or network printer 
· Multi-station peer-to-peer networking supported 
· Export of test results in image file or PDF formats for inclusion in EMR databases 
· Automatic import of exisiting Field Trend databases 
· Comparison-to-Normal, Pattern Filter, and Statistical Analyses 
· Numeric, Grayscale, and Probability of Normal graphical plots 
· Simple downloading and immediate viewing of test results from perimeter 
· Serial presentation of test results to spot trends

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